Inbound customer care

Altruist India’s Inbound Customer Care offering can help you with challenges like:
  • Cost-effective staffing solutions to provide 24×7 support.
  • Effective customer account management.
  • Fast and efficient communication and account update.
  • Specialized customer grievance resolution process.
  • Descriptive market knowledge and feedback.
  • Descriptive market and feedback analysis reports.
  • Focused query management and trend analysis.
Altruist India’s Outbound Telesales offering can help with challenges like:
  • More effective prospecting.
  • Greatly improved lead generation effectiveness.
  • Reduce/cut costs.
  • Carry out marketing programs at a lower cost.
  • Increase customer base.
  • Get qualified sales leadership.
  • Curtail sales investment.
  • Carry out sales projects for low costs.
  • Carry out new sales strategies.
  • Utilize new technologies for less.
  • Save on HR and training costs, eliminating non-buyers earlier.
  • Shorter selling cycle.
  • Better communications.

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