Inbound customer care

Altruist India’s Inbound Customer Care offering can help you with challenges like:
  • Cost-effective staffing solutions to provide 24×7 support.
  • Effective customer account management.
  • Fast and efficient communication and account update.
  • Specialized customer grievance resolution process.
  • Descriptive market knowledge and feedback.
  • Descriptive market and feedback analysis reports.
  • Focused query management and trend analysis.
Altruist India’s Outbound Telesales offering can help with challenges like:
  • More effective prospecting.
  • Greatly improved lead generation effectiveness.
  • Reduce/cut costs.
  • Carry out marketing programs at a lower cost.
  • Increase customer base.
  • Get qualified sales leadership.
  • Curtail sales investment.
  • Carry out sales projects for low costs.
  • Carry out new sales strategies.
  • Utilize new technologies for less.
  • Save on HR and training costs, eliminating non-buyers earlier.
  • Shorter selling cycle.
  • Better communications.

Toolset Excellence

Altruist India’s experienced and trained account managers provide a complete range of services starting from understanding the scope-of-work to transition, deployment, operating, analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing.

Our operation methodology, which is based on thought process of customer delight, not only quickly makes the returns on investment visible but also ensures smooth operation with any technology platform.

Our sales modelis built on a strong commitment to client delight and quality, reinforced by a high level of management oversight.