Mr. Hemant Bajaj

Altruist Technologies is my extended family. With that one line I would like to introduce this organization to those who see a workplace beyond the PCs, whiteboards, glass doors and money making grind house. And my point of view is based solely upon my experiences in and around this organization for more than 3 years. While many see me as the Digital Marketing Head for the company, for me this is a part of long journey and today is another milestone that I achieve working here. This journey of mine has seen its start from this very organization where I joined as a novice and later set out to make a mark for myself in Digital Industry, after my grooming and conditioning with the magnificent associates and management of Altruist. For me, this is the place that trusts ones capability rather than a fancy degree or high recommendation. When I started my career, Altruist gave me a sense of security and stability. Altruist is the place where one does not find discouragement for trying something new. Here thinking outside the box is the natural instinct. Altruist is the place where there is no barrier in reaching out to anyone and everyone in the system for a right cause. This is where innovations and ideas are shaped.

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