Altruist Offers Work From Home Services

At Altruist, we are committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of our associates, clients, and candidates. We are actively monitoring the situation related to COVID-19, and to ensure your safety of our employees, we are offering work from home services and digital communications to keep the interactions going while maintaining to precautions required. Employees can now enjoy the chance to work from home and do their part in helping. They can avoid commutes, look after their homebound children, as schools are closed and tend to family members' needs.

Benefits of a Work-From-Home Solution

Increased Productivity

Telecommuting’ reduces unscheduled absenteeism and increases productive ‘on-phone’ time

Increased Employee Retention up 50%

Happier employees leads to less turnover

Reduced Overheads

Reduced physical space costs leads to savings

Widens the Talent Pool

Offering telecommuting makes it attractive to the best talent beyond your region

It’s easier than ever

Cloud Technology has made it easier than ever for remote workers to work from anywhere.

Altruist Work-From-Home Solution

Altruist provides flexible platform supports BCP and Work-from-Home seamlessly. Continual development and flexibility allows to securely run remote working models

Depending upon the process complexity we supports operations on

  • Only Mobile as agent device
  • Laptop/Desktop - with Call on the mobile GSM/Landline

Mobile Interface for work from home

  • Perfectly suitable for appoint generation, lead generation, collection process
  • Complete dialer and CRM as integrated Mobile application and WAP Set-up
  • Convenient to work from anywhere and no need of desktop and laptop set-up
  • Currently available for Android Set-ups

Desktop interface for work from home

  • Suitable for extensive Sales, customer care set-up
  • Complete dialer and CRM accessible on the Desktop/ Laptops though LAN set-up
  • Suitable for evolve operations with extensive CRMs and backend processing and other tools
  • Voice call over PSTN network