IT Service Management

To thrive in an increasingly competitive market, IT service providers must be aligned with the needs of the customers, delivering value that translates into improved performance.

With our world-class strategic supplier network, Altruist offers an integrated, value-based IT service aligned to our client’s strategic objectives that secures continuous and measurable business improvement.

Our team is an amalgamation of multiple skills primarily divided into three verticals; IT Infrastructure, Application Development and Support and IT service management.

The IT service management team provides IT solutions and services across 12 locations and support in an 24X7 environment, an end user base of more than 16,000 employees for our offices in India in UK and North America.

Our sites in India are connected via a secure and managed MPLS cloud with resilient last mile connectivity. The local network at each of these site is built on industry standard equipments configured in high availability mode.