Mr. Hemant Bajaj

Altruist Technologies is my extended family. With that one line I would like to introduce this organization to those who see a workplace beyond the PCs, whiteboards, glass doors and money making grind house. And my point of view is based solely upon my experiences in and around this organization for more than 3 years. While many see me as the Digital Marketing Head for the company, for me this is a part of long journey and today is another milestone that I achieve working here. This journey of mine has seen its start from this very organization where I joined as a novice and later set out to make a mark for myself in Digital Industry, after my grooming and conditioning with the magnificent associates and management of Altruist. For me, this is the place that trusts ones capability rather than a fancy degree or high recommendation. When I started my career, Altruist gave me a sense of security and stability. Altruist is the place where one does not find discouragement for trying something new. Here thinking outside the box is the natural instinct. Altruist is the place where there is no barrier in reaching out to anyone and everyone in the system for a right cause. This is where innovations and ideas are shaped.

Mr. Atul Prasad

I am responsible for business Development for Altruist Group, leading the business development efforts with an exciting team of people located across geographies.   With the group since 2010 August, I started with a National Product Manager profile and was ready to take new challenges as they came. From managing a product, today I lead sales for Altruist for its Telecom/Call Center/and warehousing business. The company trusted me with new responsibilities and I could live up to them with my hard work and support of my peers and seniors.   It’s the best place to learn. If you have an open mindset to try new things, there is no place which would give you better chance to explore your own true potential.

Ms Nidhi Singla

Altruist is synonymous with my extended family. I joined Altruist in 2005 , since the inception of the company as a fresher and have grown personally and professionally with each passing year.   It was during the last 12 years that I spent with the group, I realized how an organization shapes up the attitude of professionals. From being a go-getter, problem-solver or a risk-taker to being a complete maverick at times. I have been leading the Technical teams for Domestic, Africa and currently the Middle East Business.   I have closely witnessed each and every acquisition that Altruist has undertaken over the years. It’s not only the company which has benefited by the Acquisitions but the employees also attains a next level in their professional wheel. I am proud to be a part of the truly stupendous achievements of the group.

Mr. Rohit Maru

A decade….Feeling proud on completing 10 years of service with Altruist. Currently I am handling the International Business-African Region   Nothing beats the feeling of being continuously challenged, while still feel happily doing the job…I mean it and felt it being a part of Altruist Family. There is companionship, friendship, leadership, apprenticeship, affection and fun here which encourages and supports Us to widen our learning scope. I am exhaling my gratitude to our esteemed organization and all my colleagues for the opportunity they given me to work with them in these 10 years. I’d like to end by saying, “There are something that only get better with time and my life at Altruist walks the same path. I hope we will continue to do our best for our company and experience a huge success. Thank you! “

Mr. Pavnesh Saini

I am currently working as Manager (Technology). I have been associated with Altruist Group since 7 years, joined as Software Trainee in year 2011. Since I joined Altruist Group, I am playing various roles and learning on a consistent basis.   It’s been great experience for me working in Altruist in a challenging, flexible, open & friendly work environment. Everybody is co-operative and believes in Team Work to achieve the excellence in work. Performance is a measure of success and sky is the limit to grow but we need a platform to perform and grow, which Altruist definitely provides. I feel proud to be associated with Altruist Group.

Mr. Pardeep Kumar

9 years working for Altruist IT team were so smooth that I never realized about the long time passed. Started my journey as Desktop engineer and workings IT manager now, all thanks to Altruist award and recognition policy which valued my hard work and provided continuous growth to my carrier. In my total carrier of 14+ years worked for 5-6 different companies but the environment Altruist has is so cool that you can’t think about changing your job. Working with Altruist feels like working at home.

Dr. Mukta Dewan

I am taking care of the HR for Altruist since past four years. It is an impeccable experience working with the group. True to its name Altruist is certainly in the benefit of all. The exuberant environment proliferates learning thereby providing a propitious platform for the individual as well as the organizational growth.   The open door policy here intends to foster an environment of collaboration, high performance, and mutual respect between the management and the employees.   Altruist believes in leveraging the mind to achieve greater impact thereby enabling the employees to manage the worst of crisis with the most gracious ease.

Lalit Kumar

“I am very happy to be a part of Altruist family where you work amongst the best and the energetic team with extremely easy access to every vertical and hierarchy in the company. I have always found Altruist family standing by my side in all my professional as well as personal thicks and thins. Days , months and years are passing working with Altruist but you always find the same zeal and enthusiasm level to work here, rather it is growing day by day. Working here I feel being at home with my family”

Hirnya Garbh Kaushal

“Working with Altruist is like working with your Own Family. The best part here is you have free access to talk to the management directly. This is my second stint with Altruist and it feels like I have retuned back home after working in foreign Land.”