Jobs On Phone

  • Jobs on phone is the best way to finish your search for best job matching your profile. It is the first service which helps you in getting your desired Job through mobile phone.
  • Have tied up with Indian job search leader for posting job opening on Jobs on phone IVR where the user can hear out the job details and apply to them instantly.
  • Jobs on phone is the key to all the relevant and personalized information regarding jobs and careers sent proactively to subscribers in an SMS or through Voice Outdials everyday with possibilities of online interaction, resume submission, short-listing etc.
  • It allows subscribers to create their resume by entering options and voice, specify job preferences like industry, location, functional area, surf through relevant listed vacancies and be able to apply and talk to desired Company or consultant anonymously.
  • The convenience of mobility, and utmost personalization makes for a clear recipe for success.
  • Mobiles with higher reach makes it cover wider than the internet and voice lends it the convenience to address all levels in the employment pyramid with a special focus on blue collared jobs.
  • Successfully piloted with Airtel in Punjab and in roll-out nationally with Reliance & Idea.
  • Ease of use as it requires no keywords/ processes. Just need to dial a number.