Prepaid customers present a unique set of opportunities and challenges. While there is great potential in the convenience of the prepaid connection, you also have to counter the transient nature of the business model because of the "loose coupling" between you and the customer. And there is the added challenge of the need to continue operating at wafer thin margins while innovating new business models to launch promotions at high velocity and enticing lower end of customer strata with unique product mixes. This requires you to constantly drive brand differentiation while balancing this with reducing tariffs.

As a network operator or a MVNO you thereby need to have deep understanding of your prepaid customer behavior. This includes obtaining deep insight into a plethora of items including services used, customer segments for which specific top-up offers are doing well, incentives that work best for increasing top-up size and frequency, dealers delivering most recharges and activations, under-performing dealers and dealers likely to be gaming the system, negative experiences affecting customers and so forth.

iConnectiva's Prepaid Analyzer solution makes life that much more easy for you.

Prepaid Analyzer

iConnectiva's Prepaid Analyzer works across the customer's life-cycle from activation, on-boarding, recharges to call center interactions, consumption milestones, campaign responses, QoS issues and much more. The goal of the prepaid analyzer is to arm the operator with valuable insights that help decrease dormancy and time between recharges while increasing prepaid ARPU and prepaid customer stickiness. Prepaid Analyzer provides the following key capabilities.

Usage Monitoring and Analysis

Capture, correlate, analyze and monitor all usage activity and helps operators answer key questions around services usage, trends and consumption patterns.

Top-up Monitoring and Analysis

Capture and correlate all top-up / recharge data across touch-points and help answer key questions around micro segments in your customer base indicating churn probabilities and barriers to higher recharges. The solution also critically identifies key performance improvement areas and helps your analysts as well as CXO's to visually interact with customer top-up data intersected with geo-spatial maps

Dealer Analytics

The dealer analytics module monitors dealer performance on a broad range of dimensions and provides online and controlled access to distributors, Telco or MVNO users.