At iConnectiva we work very closely, hand in hand with our partners and we support each other, always looking for long-term relations with mutual satisfaction.

iConnectiva's partners program establishes and maintains long-term supportive relationships with leading system integrators and technology vendors from around the globe.

iConnectiva's Partners play a key role in our global corporate strategy. We believe the formula for mutual success and profitability is based on partner empowerment. That is why we are investing in infrastructure to support our partners. Working together, we can take our businesses to new heights and provide our customers with increased levels of satisfaction.

For the past 12 years iConnectiva Technologies built a solid footprint of successfully delivered projects and Technologies due to powerful solutions and strong partnerships. These partnerships optimize deployments and enable cost reductions by leveraging industry best practices and global experience.

Partner Policy

iConnectiva maintains strong relationships with the industry’s leading system integrators and technology leaders. These partnerships and joint offerings provide iConnectiva’s customers with optimized solutions for end-to-end Business Assurance needs.

iConnectiva is always in quest of to establish new partnerships with key players in the telecom markets in order to share know-how, technology and best practices for addressing the growing needs of the market.

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