iConnectiva Achieves Complex Event Processing with CMETRICA CEP

iConnectiva’s new CMETRICA Platform is a combination of execution engine and analytical engine running on various big data technologies. Essentially this serves as a clustered data Operating System to accommodate various domain data models and workflows.

In today's diverse interconnected e-business components typically come with a lot of event information. Companies that base their competitive advantage by adapting to specific events as they occur, DEMAND Information Timeliness. They cannot rely on end-of-day data, let alone on data from yesterday. Real-time notification is a must-have, not a luxury. Real-time notification is commonly linked with Complex Event Processing (CEP). Indeed, CEP systems can extract and alert about meaningful events from single and multiple streams of data.

CEP is all about getting situational information in the most efficient real-time possible way. We are focused towards realizing a CEP system which extracts actionable intelligence from disparate event sources in real-time or near-real-time. As of today, there is a bunch of CEP engine vendors available in the market place.

Further, we have introduced another Custom Wrapper Layer on top of CEP engine to take care of fail-over mechanism and prevent data loss, leading to a technology solution for real-time continuous data analysis for enhanced customer satisfaction with reduced time and cost, and consistent decision making.

To understand the NXG platform in detail and demo, please email us at: presales@iconnectiva.com

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iConnectiva Limited is a subscriber data monetization company that delivers a portfolio of analytics solutions, which enable telecom, media, and utility companies to lower churn, improve operational effectiveness, boost ARPU and increase overall profitability.