iConnectiva’s Test Event Generator addresses the complete revenue assurance needs of modern wireless telecom service providers by providing an advanced adaptive voice and data event generation system seamlessly integrated with revenue audit functions. By automating the specification of event generation based on risk areas identified, the system quickly adapts to the service providers specific needs.


  • Identifies network and billing problems before the customer does it, resulting in increase in customer satisfaction, less churn, and higher ARPU


  • Real-time testing for multiple call and data services e.g. voice, SMS, MMS, HTTP, mobile TV, video calling, content download (games, ringtones..)
  • Verification testing of new tariffs


  • End to end call detail record reconciliation (from switch to billing)
  • CDR matching reconciliation


  • Call rating validation for interconnect and retail billing
  • Network performance testing to validate new network components

Test Event Generator


TEG's are utilized by telecom operators to consolidate revenue assurance strategies:

  • Provides Black-Box-Testing Capability for End-to-End Telecom revenue chain
  • Replaces Human Based Manual Testing of Call scenarios
  • User friendly web enabled GUI to configure and set up call schemes and call status reporting
  • Identifies network and billing problems before the customer does it, resulting in increase in customer satisfaction, less churn, and higher ARPU
  • In-house testing or remote testing using portable units
  • Increases reliability of wireless network
  • Enhances Fraud and Revenue Assurance systems through seamless integration

More Information

Test Event generators (TEGs) are revenue assurance solutions that replicate events on a telecoms network to identify potential revenue leakage and to help achieve regulatory compliance. Both cellular and fixed-line telecom operators utilize test event generators to independently test their networks for call detail record (CDR) reconciliation and validate call start-time/duration metering and telecommunications rating. TEGs are mission-critical tools utilized by telecom operator revenue assurance departments to improve revenue capture and to validate network integrity.

iConnectiva TEG allows easy detection of revenue leakage in a Telecom Operator using its industrial strength Test Call Generator module integrated with its award winning Revenue Assurance Software. The event data from the TEG along with data from various points in the Telco revenue chain are acquired by the RA system and analyzed for leakage detection. The TEG is an integral part of the RA system and can participate in all internal RA processes, rules and workflows creating a powerful adaptive revenue risk management tool

  • GSM and GPRS capability
  • Flexible architecture generates CDRs, Call Failures, and Rated records.
  • Tests Completeness, Accuracy, and Timeliness of CDR processing for Auditing the Complete Revenue Chain
  • Rule Based Call Generation to simulate normal customer behavior
  • Rule Based Call Generation to simulate abnormal customer behavior to test Fraud Alarms
  • User and Group simulation capability
  • Ability to set up call schedule on several parameters; flexible call definition process
  • Graphical representation of call schedules and distribution
  • Scales from single unit to unlimited number of portable units distributed geographically
  • CDR Matching against records from revenue chain without clock synchronization