iConnectiva Fraud Management, SENTRY has been designed to meet the need of Wire line, Wireless as well as next generation communication service providers. With its proactive detection of fraudulent behaviors SENTRY Fraud Management prevents losses across all lines of businesses, varied network types and architecture and a wide spectrum of product and service offerings (fixed and mobile voice, calling card, prepaid, roaming, messaging, GPRS, 3G, IP, VoIP, Content, Cable TVD, Cable Internet and E-Commerce) ensuring end-to-end coverage for enhanced Fraud Management.

Complete Fraud Investigation

  • 360 degree analysis of the suspect which shows every detail for the suspect. This includes demographics, call patterns, links
  • Trend analysis of the user profile both for usage and non usage behavior, fraud loss trend
  • Finger Printing to find match with known Fraud Patterns and Person

Continous Fraud Monitoring

  • Continuously monitoring usage behavior throughout customers’ lifecycles to identify fraudulent patterns
  • Proactive detection capabilities
  • Self-learning Models and Adaptive Rule-based approaches

NGN Fraud Detection

  • Rule Based Detection for the quick identification of obvious cases of fraud
  • Intrusion Based Detection for signs of fraud cases
  • Service Profile Based Detection to detect any suspicious & fraudulent behavior

Strong Security

  • Prevent Insecure System attacks by hackers
  • Detect sophisticated attacks against weaknesses in the technology
  • Allows analysis of internal employee activity to detect un-authorized/fraudulent instances

Sentry Fraud Management System


SENTRY Fraud Management Offers Real-time Fraud Detection and Dynamic Alarm Management

  • Industry’s first natively integrated fraud and revenue assurance solution built on an open standard based analytics framework
  • Coverage for all standard fraud scenarios regardless of the IT environment or network technology, integrating with PSTN, cable, GSM, CDMA and IP based networks
  • Ability to detect fraudulent activity in Real Time
  • Ability to detect simple to very complex fraud scenarios
  • Built on modular components that have the ability to draw data from multiple network sources without requiring any third party applications to provision data
  • Ensures protection at all times for small to very large service providers, across various lines of businesses
  • Single web based graphical user interface (GUI) for configuration, data management, case management, workflow definition and reporting fraud

More Information

SENTRY minimizes your exposure and potential liabilities by continuously monitoring usage behavior throughout your customers’ life-cycle to identify fraudulent patterns. The system has other modules which are attached to the system to expand the functionality further.

Pre-activation Fraud Detection Module

This module detects all types of subscription fraud that might happen during pre-activation stage of the subscriber

Post Activation Fraud Detection Module

This module detects all types of fraud that might happen during once the subscribers are within the Telecom Network and can make and receive calls

SIM Box Fraud Detection Module

This module detects Bypass fraud committed by the Interconnect Partners by applying combination of preconfigured fraud rules

SIM Cloning Fraud Detection Module

This module detects SIM Cloning fraud committed by the subscriber by applying combination of pre-configured fraud rules like Velocity check and call collision

Dealer Management Module

This module allows the user to detect dealer fraud with the help of a set of predefined rules and constant monitoring of the dealers

SENTRY applies advanced, statistical self-learning models and adaptive rule-based approaches to ensure real time protection for your revenue chain. When it detects suspicious behavior, automated alarms trigger a chain of events enabling quick identification of the issue.

Case details are presented allowing analysts to detect the root cause of the alerts before talking any decision. This finally leads to the selection of a course of action based on best practice recommendations made by the system which in turn eliminates the fraud. Sophisticated learning processes automatically root out false alarms and flag potential risk.

  • Ability to detect and trace fraud activities across a variety of networks and services
  • Ability to process data from multiple network sources (legacy or next generation) through robust, high performance ETL servers
  • Responsiveness to adapt and incorporate new fraud scenarios through self learning systems that leverage ongoing matching and analysis of fingerprints and profiles
  • Analyst-friendly user interface for analysis & resolution
  • Extensive domain knowledge and expertise in implementing best practices

SENTRY Fraud Management V6.0 supports multiple platform and multiple database technologies. The core software is written in Java and based on J2EE standard.

  • Redhat Linux 5,6 or compatible on x64 or above
  • Solaris 10 or above on Sparc
  • AIX V6.1 and above
  • HP-UX 11i
  • Windows Server 2008 or above
  • Oracle 10G, 11G
  • DB2 UDB 10.5