iConnectiva has expanded into Integrated Risk Management System for Entry to Medium level Telecom Operators without the overhead of deploying a full-fledged RA-FMS Suite, thus reducing Capex.

What’s more, it addresses the key concern of the CSPs worldwide for deploying other resource and time hungry solutions reduced to days and available on commodity hardware.

Arrest the business risk with everything prepackaged and ready to go simple artifacts.

Out-of-the-Box Installation

A complete Product Suite preconfigured and built for easy installation for Small to Medium sized Operators. The installation can be done in 70% lesser time as compared to standard implementation life cycle

Ready KPIs & Reports

Solution comes bundled with comprehensive set of KPIs, Reports and Alarms covering all major areas. It's just ready out of the box.

Multiple Operating System

Solution can run on multiple Operating Systems like Linux, Solaris. However, we also support AIX and HP-UX based upon Customers preference

Secure and Easy Management

Solutions comes bundled with standard security features preconfigured. All updates can be applied in minimum time to enhance features or fixing problems

Integrated Risk Management System


KEPLER Offers End-to-End Coverage to Detect Leakage across Entire Value Chain, built on a generic framework that can address an entire class of challenges

  • Fastest “time to plug the revenue leak” & identify frauds
  • Pre-configured items and software flexibility ensure hassle free implementation
  • 90% savings on Standard deployment time
  • Monetization of identified risks / value of solution or service
  • 60 % savings on standard deployment of full-fledged solution
  • Monthly service cost including hardware rental
  • Best practice Alarms and Decision Reports through Console/Email/Text

Risk Management System

More Information

KEPLER System recognizes that revenue leakage can occur at virtually any point in operator's revenue stream. So rather than applying quick-fixes to individual leakage points, KEPLER holistically identifies, corrects and prevents leakage in communication operators, across the entire revenue chain, from the initial order to final settlement with customers and partners.

In addition to monitoring the revenue chain, KEPLER also allows operators to manage the integrity of their systems. This means helping operators implement a comprehensive framework that covers all facets of internal checks, from initial risk assessment, monitoring of control points, problem resolution, to ongoing evaluation and improvement.

Data Acquisition

Solution comes bundled with 15+ data connectors for different Network Equipments which can readily read the data and process them.

Ready2Go KPIs and Reports

Solution comes with 30+ important KPIs and Reports prepackaged and preconfigured. This makes Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection capability available without further configuration


Solution comes with 30+ Rules readily available which work out of the box without further tuning.

System Monitoring

Bundled with Operational KPIs/Reports to help the Customer to manage day to day operations

System Management

Bundled with several system management scripts which are already scheduled to take care of the System Management with minimum human interference

KEPLER v1.0 supports multiple platform and multiple database technologies. The core software is written in Java and based on J2EE standard.

  • Redhat Linux 5,6 or compatible on x64 or above
  • Solaris 10 or above on Sparc
  • AIX V6.1 and above
  • HP-UX 11i
  • Windows Server 2008 or above
  • Oracle 10G, 11G
  • DB2 UDB 10.5 (coming soon)