iConnectiva offers a range of analytics applications built on an open, next generation analytics platform. Developed on a “Configure and Not Code” philosophy, the iConnectiva technology framework and application suite offers unparalleled functionality, flexibility and scalability to help service providers meet their business objectives and make their customers lifelong partners.

All products are delivered with industry specific, pre-built application functionality that is pre-packaged with best practices to help reduce implementation time and lower overall total cost of ownership.

ONEREViEW Data Monetization Suite is designed to scale both horizontally across subscriber count and vertically across a number of functional modules through "plug and play" capabilities that are natively built on the same platform and seamlessly work together.

Data Monetization Framework

Data Monetization Overview

Our Sophisticated Analytics Platform Helps Service Providers Manage, Monitor and Monetize Big Data Effectively. We help you extract insights from customer data and translate it into tangible business outcomes that grow revenues and profits.

iConnectiva Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management solutions are built on top of unified Business Analytics platform to take advantages of smart processing and detection.

You will achieve five key outcomes through our innovative portfolio of analytic applications:

  • Reduced leakage
  • Reduced fraud
  • Decreased churn
  • Increased subscriber ARPU through targeted up-sell and cross-sell
  • Expanded channel ARPU by helping you broker marketing and advertising based on subscriber data, preferences and behavior

Our solution suite allows you to:

  • Collect and correlate customer data across the BSS / OSS landscape to build a real time view of each of your customers
  • Embed customer intelligence into all your front office channels so that your call center agents, point-of-sale personnel and systems can make optimal decisions
  • Enable all analytics in the enterprise to leverage this body of knowledge, integrated across varied fragments of the customer's life cycle
  • Identify revenue leakage in proactive, reactive and active modes across the entire value chain and across all services
  • Catch fraud in real time leveraging intelligent analysis and detection techniques that minimize both false positives and false negatives

The Big Picture

Monetize Big Data