iConnectiva Next Generation CMETRICA NxG Platform resolves problems of volume, velocity, variety and veracity of this modern world Telecom and Utilities Sector by providing a low-cost, linearly scalable, distributed and parallel execution engine with various business and predictive Analytic capabilities.

CMETRICA NxG platform is a domain-agnostic, configuration-based, Big Data processing platform. It supports real-time as well as batch data processing and data analytics. This data exploratory platform of advanced analytic technique can handle very large, diverse data sets that include different types such as structured/unstructured and streaming/batch. It has evolved from its inception to support the need of CFO, Data Scientist, Analyst and several Business Users in various avatars irrespective of the industry vertical or horizontal.


  • Functional
  • Volume of Data
  • Cloud Ready


  • New Technologies
  • New Business Requirements
  • New Application Domain


  • Across Domains
  • Third Party Applications
  • Newer Applications


  • Reduced TCO
  • Adapted to Nature of Business
  • Fault Tolerance Built-in

The Big Picture

Cmetrica Analytics Platform

Resolve problems of Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity of modern world Telecom and Utilities Sector

Extended Usage in areas related to Mobile Information, Campaign Management, Dealer Management, Customer Life Cycle Management, Healthcare, Stock Market, M2M

Real-Time, Rule Based, Complex Event Processing capabilities. Dynamic Streaming and Continuous BI

Highly Distributed, Low Cost Network Topology. Linearly Scalable, Guarantees no data loss, completely fault tolerant system

Customer Benefits

Enhanced Fraud Detection / Revenue Assurance

Leakage saving resulting in bottom line improvements significantly

Network Optimization & Monetization

Real-Time network analysis providing information on service outages, interruptions, slowdowns using structured and unstructured data

Real-time Applications & Analytics

CMETRICA Analytics and CMETRICA Platform OS serves as a clustered data operating system to execute Analytics Workflow in Real-Time.

Deeper Analytics

Advanced analytics techniques such as data mining, statistics, natural language processing, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics

Built-in Data Loading

No need of separate Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) process in the migration of data from operational systems to analytic systems


CMETRICA offers a wide variety of data preprocessing options that are prerequisite to any kind of data analytics solutions, using just a set of configuration files.

Know More...

CMETRICA NXG platform is built mostly using open source tools available in the market, and runs on cheap commodity hardware. The tools and technologies used within have been handpicked with cost-effectiveness and High Return On Investment(ROI) in mind. So, compared to other vendors available in market, the CMETRICA NxG is bound to be a cost-efficient solution to a wide variety of Big Data problems.

CMETRICA uses Storm Technology for real time streaming and Esper Rule Engine to handle massive amounts of rapidly generating events to dynamically identify patterns or anomalies and provide speedy response using Complex Event Processing (CEP). The engine is flexible enough to support varieties of patterns and anomaly detection based on xml-based configurations. Different business rules can be configured and fed to the engine, and the rules will fire on the incoming data to generate alarms, evidences, etc.