iConnectiva Revenue Assurance is one of the leading telecom revenue management providers. AFFIRM recognizes that leakage can occur at virtually any point in a Telecom and Communication System Operator's revenue stream. So rather than applying quick-fixes to individual control points, AFFIRM Revenue Assurance holistically identifies, corrects and prevents leakage in operators revenue, across the entire revenue chain and across the network, from the initial order to final settlement with customers and partners and allows you to monitor the integrity of your revenue assurance cycle.

Proactive Assurance

  • Increase accuracy by simulating product & campaign launch
  • Reduced ‘time to market’ for new products and campaigns

Continuously Monitor

  • Ensure ‘Event to Cash’ for all chargeable transactions
  • Monitor and reconcile all configurations/subscriptions

Timely and effective Reporting

  • Reporting in multiple perspective – strategic, tactical & operational
  • Alarm generation, case management and dash boarding

Knowledge Driven Analytics

  • Adaptation of best practice – TMF RA KPIs, TMF Maturity Model
  • Prepackaged but configurable applications

Affirm Revenue Assurance


AFFIRM, Revenue Assurance Offers End-to-End Coverage to Detect Leakage across Entire Value Chain, built on a generic framework that can address an entire class of challenges

  • Industry’s first next generation revenue assurance solution built on an open standard-based analytics framework
  • Unique architecture that provides capabilities to operationalize known KPIs and continuously detect new forms of leakage
  • Proven ROI across service providers of all sizes and a track record of 100% successful implementations
  • Highly optimized technology stack to reduce total cost of ownership, hardware and storage requirements
  • Integrated Alarm and Case Management to enable active monitoring and rapid closure
  • Rapid and effective phased deployment methodology with focus on achieving quick wins and realizing rapid ROI
  • Available to be implemented as on-premise or hosted offerings
  • AFFIRM (Revenue Assurance) allows operators to manage the integrity of their systems

More Information

In addition to monitoring the revenue chain, AFFIRM also allows operators to manage the integrity of their systems. This means helping operators implement a comprehensive framework that covers all facets of internal checks, from initial risk assessment, monitoring of control points, problem resolution, to ongoing evaluation and improvement.

Usage Assurance Module

The module performs end to end verification from Network to Bill

Configuration Assurance Module

The module performs data integrity check of all the configuration and subscriber profile data across the OSS/BSS elements

Rating Assurance Module

The module performs the rerating check for all types of usage rated CDR’s

AFFIRM Revenue Assurance is highly flexible and configurable, as opposed to hard-coded applications that are limited to specific domains. Our comprehensive solution enables initial risk assessment, monitoring of control points, plus reporting and case management for every contingency.

  • Comprehensive systems, processes and data analysis
  • GUI based designer utilities for easy and rapid analysis and configuration
  • Rich information model optimized for the needs of revenue assurance
  • Powerful ETL engine capable of interfacing with virtually any number of sources, supporting varied data types and formats and processing large volumes of data in tens of billions of CDRs per day
  • Adherence to open technology standards such as TMF RASK, COSO, SOA, J2EE
  • Extensive domain knowledge and expertise in implementing best practices

AFFIRM Revenue Assurance V6.0 supports multiple platform and multiple database technologies. The core software is written in Java and based on J2EE standard.

  • Redhat Linux 5,6 or compatible on x64 or above
  • Solaris 10 or above on Sparc
  • AIX V6.1 and above
  • HP-UX 11i
  • Windows Server 2008 or above
  • Oracle 10G, 11G
  • DB2 UDB 10.5