Whether you are a business executive or a functional leader, with intensifying competition, demanding customers, decreasing margins and flat top lines, you need to be ahead of the pack and remain that way. Our dedicated experts understand today's critical issues and address emerging challenges to leverage tomorrow's vast opportunities.

Powered by experienced telecom consultants, iConnectiva Advisory Services addresses your revenue assurance, fraud management, regulatory compliance and network optimization needs. Our in-depth understanding of the industry helps us evaluate your strategy, structure, people, processes and technology and allows us to offer a complete range of services from strategy through implementation. You get reliable recommendations, measurable business benefits and the right trade-off between industry best practices and tailored processes for your unique challenges.


iConnectiva Advisory Services
Pre-Installation Audit

Three week pre-implementation diagnostic scoping audit of your organization

Post-Implementation Audit

Three week post-implementation audit on effectiveness and correctness of the installed controls

Custom Audit

A wide array of on-demand advisory services

On-demand Consulting

On demand strategic consulting this may involve a combination of the following:

  • Assessment of your revenue management and customer analytics practices against industry averages and best practices
  • Identification of key risk areas in your domain
  • Identification of and prioritization of opportunity areas of revenue and cost savings
  • Identification of the revenue management process: maturity scale and define improvement roadmap
  • Recommendations to improve control & process environment and minimize the risk of revenue leakage, fraud and negative customer experiences
  • Quantification of issues identified by the automated tool
  • Setting up a scalable revenue assurance/fraud management/customer experience analytics function
  • Build an optimal revenue assurance/fraud management/customer experience analytics team
  • Talent acquisition
  • Define responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Transform revenue management functions into a profit-center
  • Report success stories to the sponsor/executive management