Track QoS, Improve ARPU and Increase Retention
Now that's something to build on.
Reduce Leakage, Minimize Fraud
How much is your data worth?
Fraud and Leakage Detection
Executive Mobile Dashboard Solutions
On The Go!
Improved Operational Insights
Data Analytics
Enhanced Filtering & Drill Down Capability
Real-Time Decisions Anywhere, Anytime
Enhanced Operational Insights
Network Monitoring
iConnectiva Kepler System
Fastest time to plug the revenue leak & identify frauds
90% savings on Standard deployment time
60 % savings on standard deployment of full-fledged solution
Integrated Platform for Revenue Assurance & Fraud
Telecom Solution
Next Generation Analytics Platform
The Next Generation Analytics Platform Powered By Big Data
Promote Growth and Increase Efficiency and Profitability Across The Entire Telecom Value Chain
Linearly Scalable and Fault-tolerant
Enhanced Fraud Detection & Revenue Assurance
Real-Time Application and Analytics
Increase CAPEX and OPEX Profitability
Network Solutions

iConnectiva offers a ground-breaking portfolio of analytics solutions to extract value from your data.

Telecom operator has its own unique business processes and operational issues. Our solution has been built on a modular, open, framework-based architecture allowing for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Coupled with iConnectiva’s unique deployment methodology and best practices, helps you achieve dramatic results by recovering tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in a very short period of time.

  • Leading Revenue Management Vendor in India, Middle East and Africa
  • World’s largest Revenue Assurance Deployment
  • Blue Chip Reference Customers
  • On track to deliver $1 Billion in savings by 2014
  • Significant adoption by large clients in Europe, Middle-East and Asia
  • Emerging as a leading vendor for revenue optimization in Telecom worldwide

Why Choose Us

Award Winning Products

A range of analytics applications built on an open, next generation analytics platform. Developed on a “Configure and Not Code” philosophy, the iConnectiva technology framework and application suite offers unparalleled functionality, flexibility and scalability.

Superior Technology

Our Next Generation CMETRICA NxG Platform resolves problems of volume, velocity, variety and veracity of this modern world Telecom and Utilities Sector by providing a low-cost, linearly scalable, distributed and parallel execution engine with various business and predictive Analytic capabilities.

Unmatched Support

We treat our first sale to you as the beginning of a long-term relationship. A key part of our business partnership is the post-sale support we provide – support that is tailored to your individual requirements. We provide fast and effective product support to meet your highest standards of reliability and availability.