Service Delivery Platform

Our end-to-end content / portal managed service along with our Online Charging Solution as a unified offering, brings to  IBM, a complete Service Delivery Platform. Built on the following components:

  • The Content and Portal rendering engine for WAP / Web / SMS including the STK services on the SIM cards
  • The Charging interface and the Rating engine``
  • The customer care management and the Revenue reporting tools
  • The Online monitoring client
  • The Subscription and the Campaign Manager
  • The Recommendation engine
  • The Advertising platform and the
  • External Partner integration
  • Subscriber profiling and personalization capabilities

Platform Features

  • Multiple Content Type -Multiple content type hosting and provisioning capability
  • Host Services - Host services from the portal engines or API exposure for external Publishing
  • Integration with TV/G - Integration possible with streaming solutions – Mobile TV and 3G
  • Integrated with SMS/MMS - Integrated with the SMS / MMS gateway and the router
  • Ad Serving - Integration with Operator’s Ad serving capabilities
  • Subscription Engine - Integrated subscription engine / campaign manager
  • Portlet - Portal Creation Capabilities for WAP/Web/App Store Portals
  • Flexible Graphics - Flexible Graphics / site flow / headers / footers etc.
  • Search - Search for all Content Types and Metadata
  • Flexible Content - Placing any content anywhere at any price and in any combination

Consumer Features 

  • All Browser Support –All browsers on mobile and web are supported.
  • Interactivity – Interactive Interface across all platforms on Web/Mobile
  • Handset Compatibility – Compatible with all handsets
  • Carrier Billing Support - All types of purchase via Mobile Balance Deduction
  • Credit Card Integration - Payment Gateway Integration Possible
  • Self - Care - Self Care Module for customers.
  • Customer Care – Customer Care Integration via SMS/WEB/APP/WAP
  • Privacy Policy – Adherence to privacy policy as per operators guidelines